Marquee types

Blue Lake Hire has a wide range of marquee types and sizes. There are three main types each with their own advantages. Choosing is often just a case of your personal preference or budget.

Structure Marquees

Sometimes called pavilions, these are the premium marquee option. There are no interior poles or ropes as they are secured by pegs through the base of the legs. They need virtually no clearance around the sides and can be constructed to virtually any size. Structure marquees do take longer to erect and dismantle than Rope and Pole or Frame marquees. 

Rope and Pole Marquees

Rope and Pole are the 'traditional' marquees, they are often considered to be the best looking style of marquee with their classical elegant shape. They may be lined inside, but it often isn’t considered necessary. Rope and Pole marquees are erected by first laying the roof on the ground so it is important the site is unobstructed and level. The roof is supported by centre poles and wall poles.

Frame Marquees

Ideal for small functions, frame marquees do not require centre poles and can be erected next to existing structures or buildings. Ropes are used but much fewer than a rope and pole marquee, and they only come out a short distance from the marquee. They can be lined to cover the metal frame and come in a range of sizes. See our Price List for further information on sizes.

Marquee Walls

Walls for the Rope and Pole or Frame marquees come separate from the roof and 20’ each in length. They can be removed if desired, or unhooked and folded back to open the marquee up. Walls can start at any position so the opening can be wherever best suits. They are available as plain white, clear or arch windows.

Other items for hire

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